About Us

QX Networking & Design, Inc. exists to provide high quality connectivity to users in Kentucky. The employees at QX make it their goal to provide clients with the highest quality services and support possible in today’s market. All this, while keeping our customer's productivity high, and holding costs as low as possible.

QX.net offers several forms of extremely high bandwidth delivery options, including; Wireless, WiMAX, DSL, T1, and DS3. The massive size of our Data Network sets us far ahead of any other Internet Service Provider. Size does matter when you need constant uptime and unmatched Internet speeds. We have the resources to efficiently set-up, manage, and expand small and large computer networks. Our high quality, high bandwidth internet connectivity allows us to offer the power of the Internet to the Enterprise users, the small business user, internet developers, and home users. Our commitment to quality and service separates QX Networking and Design from other providers. QX's headquarters is based in downtown Lexington. That puts us close to many business users, and close to other providers we work with on a daily basis to provide our clients the best service and price.