Mac Dial-up

How to setup your Dial-up account on a Macintosh

You can view a helpful instructional image by clicking on a numbered item below.

  1. Click on the Apple in the upper left corner and select System Preferences. From this menu, select the Network icon.
  2. Under the TCP/IP tab, choose the following options:
    • Location: Create a new location, giving it a descriptive name
    • Show: Internal Modem
    • Configure: Using PPP
    • DNS Servers: Leave Empty
    • Search Domains: Leave Empty
  3. Select the PPP tab and enter your information:
    • Service Provider: QX.Net
    • Account Name: Your user name
    • Password: Your password
    • Telephone Number: Your local access number

Choose Save Password to avoid retyping it every time you connect.

After you enter this information, you can click Apply Now to save your new dialup connection.