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About Us

Since 1997, QX.net has been serving the needs of thousands of businesses across the Bluegrass State and region. The highly trained staff at QX.net is committed to providing businesses exceedingly scalable, reliable solutions for Internet, voice, data center and SDWAN services. Our wide range of service options coupled with our expert staff allow QX.net's clients to enjoy a single point of contact for their most critical business needs.

As the operator of the Kentucky's largest dedicated wireless internet network, QX.net has 20 years of experience bringing unique options to businesses beyond the traditional wired connections for an Internet solution. Whether your business needs a basic circuit or a dedicated Gigabit circuit is required, QX.net has the expertise to quickly deliver the solution via secure, dependable wireless solutions.

Need a voice and data solution to support a national call center? We can deliver that. HIPAA compliance is a key consideration in deciding where to build your virtual infrastructure? We have that covered, too. Is your remote connection to the overseas headquarters underperforming? Our SDWAN platform may help. Whatever your needs, QX.net has an answer. Call us today to find out how we can help your organization clear hurdles in your way.