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General Settings

DSL IP AddressStatic - Call Us
Primary DNS64.191.128.101
Secondary DNS64.191.128.10
Dial Connection TypePPP
Hardware HandshakingON
Communications Parameters8 bits, No Parity (None), 1 Stop bit
Modem Speed
57600 (for 56 kbps)
38400 (for 28.8 kbps)
19200 (for 14.4 kbps)
Email Account Name and PasswordThe same as your login username and password unless you have made provision for extra mailboxes
Domain Nameqx.net
E-mail Addressusername@qx.net
POP3 and SMTP Hosts
Incoming: mail.qx.net
Outgoing: mail.qx.net
WWW Home Page
Webmail - Standardhttps://mail.qx.net