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Policy on Running Servers

Generally, individual IP customers are not allowed to run servers off their machines because that violates the individual use restriction on the accounts. Also, if the machine is connection is kept open when the user is not actively using it, that is also not allowed under the terms of individual IP accounts.

We realize we don't offer incoming FTP and that some of our customers need incoming FTP. Web service allows file distribution in absence of this service, but we are making an exception to allow for FTP usage _by a specific person_. However, we do not permit anonymous FTP or FTP by the general public on users' machines.

Likewise, we are making an exception for people who want to use web on their own server to get something to an individual person, but running it for general public use is not permitted. We are confident that people will prefer to run it through our system, to simplify their own administrative hassles and also to conserve their bandwidth and push the load on bandwidth off to QX.net. It's a benefit even to the people who pay for multi-user 24-hour IP service, since it saves their bandwidth for their outbound uses.

We don't probe to look for violations, but if it comes to our attention that this is happening (e.g. suspicious usage patterns that look like it's not individual use), we will investigate and we will consider that breach of the terms of the account, leading to possible termination without refund.

Finger is fine as long as it's not intended to be a publishing mechanism to the general public (e.g. publishing a newsletter that way) because, again, that's multi-user use of the individual IP connection.

None of these exceptions permit a connection to be kept up when its owner is not actually there and actively using it. Keeping a connection up when you're not using it just so it's up when someone else needs to log in is not allowed.